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Account & Billing Information

get modafinil prescription online BILLING INFORMATION  CAA Physicians are not employed by the facilities where our services are provided.  Therefore, the fees for our services will be billed to you separately.  The bill from the facility may include anesthesia charges related to the equipment, drugs and other supplies used for your care.  Our bill to you is for professional services provided by CAA providers only.


The insurance information that you provided will be used to file a claim with your insurance carrier.  We have contracts with almost all insurance plans.  See below for a list of the health plans with which we currently participate.  If your plan is not listed we will work collaboratively with you to help you secure correct coverage for the services we provide.  A CAA billing representative would be happy to discuss your insurance benefits with you, give you an estimate of the cost of our professional services we will provide, and discuss payment options for any portion of our bill that is not covered by your insurance (e.g., deductibles, co-insurance, etc.).

If you do not have insurance, you will be personally responsible for full and timely payment of your bill.  You should contact CAA as soon as your surgery is scheduled to discuss your financial obligation associated with the anesthesia services.  An estimate of the cost of our services will be provided.


Once you have provided our billing staff with the following information, we will be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost of our professional anesthesia services and a breakout between your health plan’s responsibility (if applicable) and the portion for which you are responsible.  We will need to know: (1) the date of surgery: (2)  the planned procedure; (3) the scheduled length of time – as estimated by your surgeon; (4) your insurance carrier (if any); (5) your insurance policy ID; (6) the policyholder’s name and date of birth.

Please be aware that estimates are subject to change.  These estimates are based on a specific planned procedure and an anticipated amount of time which will be required for your anesthesia care.  Any change in the planned procedure or anticipated duration will impact the total of the final charge to be billed.


For your convenience, Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides an online bill payment system. This service allows you to pay your CAA bills quickly and securely. A minimum payment of $30.00 is required to use this service.

The information we collect on our Web site is used only within the Capitol Anesthesiology Association system. We do not sell or otherwise use your personal information. Credit card information is securely transmitted for verification and processing.


For billing questions, please contact us using the information below:

Capitol Anesthesiology Association
3705 Medical Parkway, Suite 570
Austin, TX 78705

T: 512.454.2554

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (CT).

The billing office is closed on major holidays.